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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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friends say she was supposed to visit her brother in dallas on friday but she never checked in for her flight. >> it's scary. the longer she's gone, the more scared we get. she's such an energy person. she is one of the most vibrant and beautiful spirits. she's such an amazing person. >> reporter: thousands of flyers are pleading with her to come home. >> we want to find somebody who saw her, find her and bring her home to us. she has been gone too long. >> reporter: we reached out to oakland police to get an update regarding the case and to confirm if an investigator will be signed. we're waiting for a call back. the canvassing will continue throughout the day and organizers say they have been meeting every night at the church to reconvene and to plan new search efforts. the medical examiner has been called out to the caltrain
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tracks in san jose where a woman's body was found. investigators are looking at evidence between the diridon and tamien station stops. she may have been hit by a southbound train but the circumstances of her death are still under investigation. trains are on schedule. a shooting this morning left a man dead in san jose in the ninth homicide of the year. police why called to murtha and capitol avenue around 4:30 this morning. a man was shot in the chest. so far, police don't have a suspect or motive. authorities are trying to figure out how a man got into an elevator shaft at a bart station. bart police say the homeless man died last night after being crushed by an elevator going up. his body was wedged between the elevato -- elevator and a wall. >> the defense secretary chuck hagel is returned to the u.s. his three-day visit saw an
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afghan police officer shoot u.s. troops, two suicide bombings and accusations by their president hamid karzai that the united states is working with the taliban to use violence to keep the u.s. forces there. tension comes as coalition and afghan leaders negotiate the long- term presence of the u.s. forces. and no damage reported from an earthquake that rocked southern california this morning. the 4.7 quake was centered near anza about 100 miles southeast of l.a. it hit around 10 a.m. it was felt through l.a., san diego and orange counties. and today also marks two years since the massive 9.0 earthquake that triggered a tsunami and killed 19,000 people in japan. some 300,000 people are still homeless two years later as they rebuild. an estimated 1.5 million tons of debris washed out to sea and some of it continues to show up on beaches all around the world. there's still plenty of work to do here at the santa cruz
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harbor. damage by that tsunami debris, workers are rebuilding the destroyed stocks. the work will continue through summer. some docks at the harbor still have to be torn down before they can be replaced. on the bay area watch, a popular berkeley restaurant is taking reservations again just day after it was damaged by fire. chez panisse is taking new reservations for dining after march 23. it burned on friday, most of the damage outside. the cause of the fire is under investigation. redwood city could join many of its neighbors on the peninsula banning plastic bags. the city council will vote on the issue tonight. in addition to banning single- use plastic bags, retailers would have to charge 10 cents for paper bags. san mateo county adopted a plastic bag ban in november. minimum wage workers in san jose just got a raise. and as kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us, there are hopes the pay hike will boost
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the local economy. >> reporter: this is the largest minimum wage raise in the country. businesses hope they will spend the extra $2 in the city. they say what goes around comes around and businesses in san jose hope the extra $2 minimum wage workers will earn will come back to the the city. the downtown association launched the earned and spend in san jose campaign. low wageworkers who got the raise will spend the money here in san jose. it's like an economic stimulus package for the region. >> reporter: minimum wage jumped from $8 to $10 because voters passed measure d in the fall. signs will begin to appear in storefronts. the logo includes a penny. >> a penny saved is a penny earned. and we're going to do that in san jose. >> reporter: the owner of phil's coffee gave his workers a raise last month. he says even though he will shell out thousands more a
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year, he is not planning to raise prices or cut hours am he thinks the new minimum wage is a selling point. >> everyone will have happier workers, more productive workers and i believe it's going to actually increase business. >> reporter: miguel is affected by the pay increase. he works at bjs. i asked if he is plan to take part in the "earn 'n' spend in san jose" campaign. >> i might have enough money to have more coffee to wake me up in the morning but so far i'm probably going to try to pay off my debts that i owe. >> reporter: in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> the statewide minimum wage is currently at $8 an hour. workers are paid on whichever rate is higher or the rate in a particular city. the 115 cardinals who will elect the next pope begin their conclave in 24 hours. looking live at st. peter's square, it's just after 8 p.m. there. the conclave will begin tomorrow after a tuesday
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morning mass. cbs reporter randall pinkston has the latest from vatican city. >> reporter: cardinals wrapped up their tenth and final meeting this morning before beginning the conclave to elect a new pope. they have been discussing the qualities needed in the next leader of the church. today a cardinal was asked about reports of disagreements among the voting cardinals. >> surely you jest? you have 115 different people. >> reporter: the robe, hat and shoes the new pope will wear were unpacked today. the vatican also released new footage of the sistine chapel which has been transformed into a papal polling place. copies of vatican documents and voting instructions have been placed on the tables where the cardinals will sit. the first vote is expected tuesday afternoon. >> it's unlikely that there would be white smoke on the first ballot. >> reporter: in preparation for the vote, vatican workers hung red curtains on the balcony of st. peter's basilica, where the
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new pope will be introduced to the world. there's said to be as many as a dozen top candidates. vatican experts from a newspaper have named three favorites, boston cardinal sean o'malley, odilo scherer from brazil and another one. >> these probably aren't the ones the cardinals are considering. we'll have to wait and see. >> reporter: 90 people at the residence where cardinals stay take an oath of secrecy today promising not to divulge secrets they may overhear. randall pinkston, kpix 5, vatican city. >> should know by the end of the week. >> no kidding. valerie harper says she's not spending her final days in private. >> and it's as east a assist sunscreen. the simple things women wan do to help prevent the deadly form of skin cancer. >> and keying up to tackle concussions in football. the tech giant getting called into the game, coming up. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5
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weather center. lots of sunshine out there now. of course, it was a gorgeous weekend but would you believe we might get near 80 degrees this week? we'll talk about that coming up.
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internet giant set up its "street view" service.. at $7 million, that's how much google will pay to settle a probe into how the internet giant set up its street view service. attorneys general in about 30 states claimed going collected e-mails, passwords -- google collected e-mails, passwords and other sensitive information from the wireless networks when the streetview car came to town. the $7 million settlement will be split among the states, just pocket change for google with
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earnings topping $61 billion this year. for the first time in three months, gas prices are going down, six cents in the last couple of weeks. not much but it all helps. nationwide the average for a gallon of unleaded is 3.74, according to the average here in san francisco is 4.15, oakland 4.10, san jose, $4.11. the lowest price, sacramento, $4.02 a gallons. researchers found cardiac problems in veterans with with post traumaer stress disorder, new orleans hurricane survivors, and in greece due to economic stress. it affects blood pressure, blood sugar and other things that cause heart trouble. the findings were discussed at a cardiology conference in san francisco. there may be another life-
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saving use for aspirin. researchers say it may lower the risk of some skin can. the study looked at nearly 60,000 women over 12 years and found women who us ood aspirin had a 21% lower risk of melanoma and the longer she took it the better. women who used aspirin for five years or longer had a 30% lower risk. researchers did not find the same link when looking at other pain medications. and scientists have found certain diabetes medication may help protect patients center developing heart failure. researchers look at nearly 4500 patients taking medications to lower their blood sugar. the study found those using in your diabetes medications had a reduced risk of being hospitalized for heart failure as well as fewer deaths. the nfl is teaming up with general electric to prevent player head injuries. nfl commissioner roger goodell and others will unveil the details today.
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they are expected to announce a research initiative to prevent and protect from concussion. there is a worldwide fascination with zombies and it turns out it's not just a fad. university researchers say people are intrigued by the undead when they are dissatisfied with society. the zombie walks and other mass gatherings of people dressed as zombies have hit at least 20 countries and continues to grow. the largest by the way is new jersey in 2010. they had 4,000 participants. you know led that? >> lawrence! [ laughter ] zombies are in. you didn't know i was such a trendsetter. >> we can tell by your makeup. >> like my tennis shoes. >> what's wrong with that? >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] we have some changes coming up but you'll like it. this weekend was beautiful. now we still have a couple of patches of fog at the coastline but we have more sunshine on the way as we head into the
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afternoon. the temperatures going to look good. as we head throughout the day today, we'll see plenty of sun and warmer temperatures, mostly clear tonight inland, although we'll see some patchy coastal fog and maybe a little of that sneaking inside the bay but more sunshine and even warmer weather to come. looking very nice out over the bay. you've got some blue skies out there and gray skies at the coastline, with now some of that patchy fog. temperatures in the 50s and 60s just beginning to warm up outside but this is a very strong ridge of high pressure. it's going to send the jet stream well to the north, so any of these storms off the coastline going to track well north of california. that's going to leave us dry and warm for the next few days. temperatures today, about 75 in fresno, 73 sacramento, 67 yosemite. clouds continue to gather later on tonight, maybe early tomorrow morning. some of that could spread inside the bay. but i think that will be the worst of it. then it will head out in a hurry tomorrow and we'll see warmer weather tuesday afternoon. numbers today as high as 73
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degrees in morgan hill, 70 in san jose, 57 and cool in pacifica. east bay temperatures up in the mid-70s in some of the warmest spots and inside the bay, yup, you're looking at sunshine, hazy, 64 degrees in oakland, about 71 in santa rosa. next couple of days near 80 degrees by wednesday. and thursday and friday will be cooler. not quite 80 but close. >> 79. i'll take that. >> that's close enough, yeah. cooler for the weekend. >> i bet tomorrow there's an 80 on there. >> cup of coffee coming your way if there is. >> all right. i'm witness. >> thank you. >> i owe you one anyway. honeydew melons are a good buy right now. today our fresh grocer tony tantillo shows us how to pick the best tasting one. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with honeydew. they are being imported, not local or domestically grown but good flavor this time of year. as a matter of fact, 299 to 399 each. that is a great value for a
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large honeydew $2.99 and 3.99. if you don't select them and store them right, they will taste like a cucumber an crunchy. a creamy color when you buy them. if they're dark green they won't taste that good. nice creamy color and rub your hands around like this and it feels sticky, that's when they are ripe. when you bring them home, cantaloupes you want to store in the refrigerator but honeydew when they get picked the sugar content continues. only very few produce items do that after they get picked. so put them on the counter. a beautiful aroma, that's when they are ready to enjoy. the unused portion, of course, if you don't finish the whole honeydew you put in the refrigerator. honeydew this time of year, you can't beat it especially if you have some proscuitto on it. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ciao. >> thank you, tony. still ahead, valerie harper's final days as she
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battles brain cancer. her message of courage and hope for the world when we come back.
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but actress valerie harper says she'll use that time to share a message.. carter evans shows us why she's taking her private battle public. she may only have a few months to live but valerie harper is taking her private battle public. >> i'm in trouble but i am not -- when the smoke clears, i'll be standing. until i'm not. and i'm ready for that. >> reporter: with humor,
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humility and her husband by her side, tv icon valerie harper revealed to "people" magazine she has a rare incurable form of brain cancer. >> i don't know why i'm putting this in my mouth. i should just apply it directly to my hips. >> reporter: audiences first fell in love with her as rhoda morgenstern mary richards' wisecracking neighbor on the mary tyler moore show. now approaching her final days, she discussed her message of courage and hope on the doctors. >> while i'm significant able to because it is brain to speak and show you that i'm cooking my husband's dinner, i'm walking on the bluff at santa monica, and more than anything, i'm living in the moment. i really want americans and all of us to be less afraid of death and know that it's a passage, but that don't go to the funeral before the day of the funeral. while you're living, live. [ applause ] >> none of us are getting out
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of this earth alive. and so when you get a diagnosis like this, stay on the path. they're coming up with great stuff all the time. >> reporter: harper is undergoing experimental chemotherapy. but doctors say her condition is extremely difficult to treat. >> think of it as her brain full of cancer cells and it's so hard to target them all. >> reporter: harper plans to spend her remaining days closed to loved ones reminding everyone to enjoy life now because she says we all have an expiration date. most of us just don't know when. >> i don't know what's ahead but i'm ready for it. onward. i love you. and know that i'm okay. i am okay on this venture. >> reporter: carter evans, los angeles. >> she's amazing, isn't she? >> well, attitude is half the battle. >> harper announced her illness the same day her autobiography
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i-rhoda hit store shelves. >> a brave woman. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ i' venus ♪ [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like? find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus ♪ only from venus embrace.
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at five, the desperate measures welcome back. a brand-new multi-million dollar teen center is struggling to fit in. at 5:00 tonight the measures one east bay community is forced to take when promises of foosball and videogames just aren't enough. all right. another check on the weather because we're loving it. you guys went out for a walk
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earlier today. >> it is so nice. we got to get our coffee at some point. yeah. it's beautiful around the bay area now. and it's going to continue to be very, very nice. i think even a little bit warmer tomorrow. the peak of the heat on wednesday. temperatures near 80 degrees. got some bets coming on. >> i think wednesday 80. >> you said tuesday. >> i meant wednesday. >> too late! a bet a bet. >> i believe you, lawrence. >> thank you very much. >> see you tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado
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>> eric: who's there?! >> pam: [ growls ] >> taylor: aah! >> eric: hi, this is eric. i'm unavailable right now. leave me a message. i'll call you back. [ beep ] >> donna: eric, it's donna. um, something's happened that you need to know about. could you please call me as soon as you can? >> anthony: so, you're pulling a double, huh? >> rick: well, it looks like the place is starting to wind down. >> anthony: oh, there's still a lot to do, buddy. >> rick: [ chuckles ] >> anthony: you know the drill. >> rick: yeah -- utensils, napkin wrap. i got it. >> maya: you've got a real
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rhythm going there, mister man. >> rick: hey. where'd you come from? >> maya: i live upstairs. you helped me move in earlier, remember? >> rick: oh, yeah. yeah, yeah. you unpacked? >> maya: yeah. the decorator's coming tomorrow. i'm thinking urban chic, lots of glitz and glam. >> rick: befitting of hollywood's hottest up-and-coming actress/chanteuse. >> maya: you should be my publicity agent... if i could afford one. >> rick: you'll get there. hey, how about a cup of coffee on me? >> maya: oh, n-- >> rick: uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. >> maya: [ sighs ] >> anthony: so, when you gonna tell her? >> rick: that i'm a forrester? >> anthony: and president of the company. >> rick: [ sighs ] i've never had anybody treat me this way. >> anthony: what way? >> rick: like a regular guy. no clue about my family or my last name.